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Legal Advice 2U is seeking legal professionals and people working in the legal industry.  You could become a contributor to Legal Advice 2U blog by submitting legal articles, videos or podcasts.


Information about current legal issues in the UK


Information about current legal issues in the UK


Information about current legal issues in the UK


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  1. It helps drive traffic to your website
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  3. It helps convert traffic into leads
  4. It drives long term results
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  6. It drives long term results

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  1. Video Simplifies Concepts
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  3. Video can build relationships between a brand and its clients
  4. The future of Video is bright
  5. Video marketing is available anywhere, anytime.
  6. Videos get shared
  7. Video is the most engaging type of content
  8. Video drives social media engagement
  9. Video boosts your websites search engine ranking
  10. Mobile users love videos

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  1. Starts a conversation & builds relationships
  2. Increases business’ rankings
  3. Builds an authorative presence
  4. Improves conversion
  5. Lowers marketing expenses
  6. Possibility of brand partnerships
  7. Recycling old content
  8. Raises recognition & awareness
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