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Legal Advice 2U is seeking legal professionals and people working in the legal industry.  You could become a contributor to Legal Advice 2U blog by submitting legal articles, videos or podcasts.


Information about current legal issues in the UK


Information about current legal issues in the UK


Information about current legal issues in the UK


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As publications will feature a rel=canonical tag you can be confident that this would not create a duplicate content issue

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Distributing content is a useful link building strategy. The original source is credited with a link or canonical tag strengthening your backlink profile helping Search Engine ranking

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Distributing your article can drive relevant traffic to your site and boost lead generation through promoting you throughout the web as experts to a wider audience

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Podcasts are an excellent way to provide value to your clients and promote your firm as a leading expert


Starts a conversation & builds relationships


Builds an authorative presence


Possibility of brand partnerships


Raises recognition & awareness

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Video is the most engaging type of content

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I don't have a youtube channel to promote

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