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With career backgrounds in law, education, finance and marketing we have years of experience helping law firms and legal providers promote their legal services to the public. Through creating a unique customer-focused platform for law firms to promote their services to potential clients looking to engage a legal adviser to support their legal issue. 

We also help firms develop and promote podcasts in addition to optimising Youtube so the business can be in a prominent position to gain people’s attention and improve organic SEO and maximise ROI on paid advertising

We also provide a Youtube Ads targeting strategy for Legal professionals to get in front of clients searching for their services.

Typical results include a 60% increase in Youtube subscribers in 2 months for a Local Solicitors Firm

Why advertise with us

Promoting your legal services on this platform enables you to showcase your services to potential clients searching for legal assistance.


Coming from a background in Law, Marketing and Education we are passionate about access to legal help and information particularly in light of the impact of austerity on the legal services the general public can afford.


As Legal Advice 2U is able to provide a one stop website for ordinary people to get familiar with legal issues related to their circumstances, and also receive some initial guidance from legal specialists, it is the perfect platform to promote your expertise.


Promoting your content on Legal Advice 2U legal professionals will enhance your online presence, Legal Advice 2U is able to pool together the resources to conduct a very effective and prominent marketing campaign, substantially boosting the profile of your firm to future clients.

Why use Legal Advice 2U?

Getting to the point where legal advice is needed is always a nerve-racking time especially when you do not have much experience with the sector.


One of the key things to remember is to do your research, make sure the Solicitors/Lawyers are regulated, and have a clear complaints procedure.


Due to the changes to Legal Services and Legal Aid many firms are now offering fixed pricing for certain services, which are always worth comparing, these are particularly popular in matrimonial law and divorce, conveyancing, small business start-ups and the creation of wills.


Listed on this site are the main local solicitors dealing with popular areas of law, all these local solicitors are regulated by the Law Society and Solicitors' Regulation Authority and many have received accreditation for being a specialist in their legal field.  


You can check the history of any Solicitor you may consider to instruct by clicking the Solicitors Regulation Authority here. 

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Why Use Legal Advice 2U?

Excellent Track Record

To enable the public to make informed choices about legal services.


To help people become empowered when facing legal issues, thereby knocking down perceived barriers to access, and enhance trust and confidence in the legal sector.

Unparalleled Legal Marketing Platform

To provide a platform for legal services to promote their expertise to the general public in an approach that adds value.


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